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DSTV SMATV 5 Cable System

DSTV SMATV 5 Cable Sytem - What Is A 5 Cable System ?

In a 5 Cable System a Quarto LNB which has four inputs mainly Horizontal High (HH), Horizontal Low (HL), Vertical High (VH) & Vertical Low (VL) combined with Terrestrial in a launch amplifier. The launch amp mixes all 5 signals and distributes them all on one cable, so in other word instead of having 5 cables at each point you can have 2 because for HD and Dual View DSTV decoders they require 2 cables so that’s why we use 2 cables and you will still get terrestrial signal for those who do not have decoders. Multiswitch installations allow distributing satellite and terrestrial programs to many users. Community installation eliminates individual dishes and antennas on roof, facades and balconies, improving aesthetics of the building. This system may be divided according to the number of outlets/TV points: small - up to 50 outlets medium and large - above 100 outlets even 1000 by using fiber gateways.
Aerial Sat Solutions On SMATV 5 Cable System Services Include:
• Designing a custom satellite distribution solution for your property.
• Pre-wiring and termination of cable at each location specified at the apartment.
• Maintenance of the distribution network.
• Installations, Relocations, Subscription renewal services for the customers.
• Consultation and Supply.

DSTv Extra View

XtraView allows you to increase the number of TV channels which can be viewed simultaneously in your home without having to pay an additional subscription

Communal tv cable designing and distribution

Our service include the following:
Communal tv cable designing and distribution
Single View
Extra View

DSTV Cape Town

Our services can also include the following.
DSTV Cape Town

Please contact us for a no obligation quote for these:
Extra View Setup
Trouble shooting
Plasma Mounting
Surround Sound setups
Loss of Signal strength
CCTV installations

All your DSTV upgrades

We can do a variety of upgrades. The HD PVR Upgrade.
Please contact us today about your upgrade needs.

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